Weak Wednesday’s

18 Jul

to begin I am lazy on anyday that ends in ‘y’ (a well known saying, but very true) but Wednesday’s amid the other seven, twenty-four hour era’s  are fallacious and unessersary, alongside March; another indignation of my year. At somepoint someone thought a heptade of days were prevalent. Why has this abomination been allowed to carry on!?… there is no plausible assosiation with nature e.t.c

For most people Monday is the most greweling day, understandable! but Wednesday’s agitate me, bum me out, there is no way out, back or forth. If you take a step back there is just tired Tuesday another hop and mundane Monday, you could recall your Sunday layin- but then Monday was the following day or skip back four days to Saturday when the weekend was at a go or Friday when last week ended, but thats even worse youre almost back to Wednesday the middle of the road.

We are meant to be the most intelligent animals on this planet- our stage- so why do we let ourselves endure such hard work. A six day week would work perfectly fine, there would still be that ‘middle of the road’ day but it would be up to you to decide which one it was.

one positive is it means Friday is two days away, Fridays are paramount.


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