in for the spoil

17 Oct

People aren’t eating whilst Britain swing money on advertising. We go and spoil jut so we can drain oil.

They are preaching to get their children teaching so they have education cause they cant afford medication

Whilst media spoils our kids ambitions, maybe one day we wont have a politician,

We all haud memories but possessions are killed by debris from the wreckages of our      lives.

We all smother time,

We are a nation of all coloured faces, unable to accept each others races,  though our sad faces show that we have feelings and we do have the makings… to be great.

Im feeling pressured and beleaguered by my mother pushing me alongside and the figured- OUT and the rest of my family tree

Which is now fronted by me, but people may see that I am choking and I can no longer breathe

This world is in a funny place, it rotates for sure, but people aint rotating no more

Its one straight line for all and if you don’t follow this then you might as well be breaking the law.

It all in that bit of paper, even though people wont give a fuck later… its all down to that A B Or C, and people that don’t abide will never be THE , the or Mr or Mrs king or queen.  YOU SEE?     Apparently

So if you don’t have it figured out, either does that man upstairs, because if he’s really there, then there poses a question, what the hell is happening?

Children these days feel themselves exploding and their minds are over loading, whilst I connect my pen with paper adolescents and children younger are pouring anger and children are becoming mothers because the society we live are destroying lovers.

I may be one of the ones that missed my free education just so I could have lay-ins, though I don’t regret it, because looking at the mess our country is in, there isn’t the time to be reminiscing upon lost experiences.

Roots, neurotic roots. Neurotic minds.

These days everyone’s in counselling and they think its all because we’re all just depressing. Maybe I havn’t been abused nor substance abuse, but my generations minority in this whirl winded, media obsessed society that happens to be killing me,

So if you string my expressions together, maybe there’s one big lesson to share, No one actually cares.

And it all goes how that expression is known we’ve torn off to much than we can as a nation chew and now demolition of the world known and the fact to true. And now its down to YOU,                                out there to.

by Vanessa Taylor (2010)


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